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The following is the summary from the back cover of Inside the Cosmic Mind which my publisher wrote. For me, it is a good introduction to what the book is all about. Inside the Cosmic Mind: Archetypal Astrology and the new Cosmologypresents a radical new approach to astrology in the light of the emerging worldview known as archetypal cosmology. In this book Phoebe explores the roots of this cosmology in the wisdom of the ancient Egyptian mysteries, then follows these ideas to modern times through Jung’s ideas on the nature of the psyche. In doing so she discovers that astrology is entirely compatible with the claims of the new cosmological thinking as envisioned by post-modern physics and ch

Anne Whitaker reviews Inside the Cosmic Mind

Inside the Cosmic Mind: Archetypal Astrology and the New Cosmology by Phoebe Wyss, A review by Anne Whitaker “ Like everyone else who has taken time out to study astrology in depth, I know it delivers…though I was never able to explain how it works, which left me helplessly wrong-footed…so in 2005 I started out on a quest to find the answer to this mystery, and this book is a record of the path I took, and of the unexpected places it led me.” I have recently finished Phoebe Wyss’ account of her quest, and have to say right away that I loved this book, which has already begun to inform my own astrology teaching to which I have recently returned after a very long break. The opening quote certa


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