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Astrology Sessions with Phoebe

NOW ALSO VIA SKYPE: astrophoebe

1. Karmic Birth-chart Analysis
I give an in-depth interpretation of your birth-chart using it to identify your karmic patterns. These are the habits of thinking, feeling and acting you developed in past lives, that have become automatic because mostly unconscious. If we wish to change our patterns we need to understand their roots. Astrology helps us do this. Changing our patterns is also changing what life brings, as they determine not only the way we are but also what we attract– the people and the circumstances.

In this session I examine your major life issues, putting them in the context of your spiritual path. The aim is to deepen your self-understanding and support the expansion of your potential.


Cost: £70 (90 minutes with tape)
Absent taped readings are also available.

2. The Here-and-Now Chart
I examine your issues of the moment, putting them in the context of your personal life- cycles, karma and path of spiritual development. I clarify your present phase, supporting your decision-making and indicating the karmic significance of your experience.


Cost: £60 (60mins with tape)
Absent taped readings are also available.

3. The Partnership Chart
I examine your birth-chart and that of your partner to clarify the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship and identify its karmic purpose. Astrology helps us understand why we are attracted to certain people, showing how our patterns interact with theirs. Thus it can identify potential mates, warn us off unsuitable ones, and indicate how our existing relationships can become more fulfilling.


Cost: £90 (90mins with tape)
Absent taped readings are also available.

4. Past-life and Astrology Session
The past life regression technique (a light hypnosis) is used together with your birth-chart to help you experience your past lives, and understand your problem-causing patterns. Relationship karma may be uncovered, giving you a clearer understanding of why certain people are in your life today. When we personally experience them in a regression, our understanding of the patterns in our birth-chart is deepened, and we are empowered to make changes in our lives.


Cost: £60 ( 90mins)




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