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Inside the Cosmic Mind: Archetypal Astrology and the new Cosmology

Inside the Cosmic Mind presents a radical new approach to astrology in the light of the emerging worldview known as archetypal cosmology. In this book Phoebe explores the roots of this cosmology in the wisdom of the ancient Egyptian mysteries, then follows these ideas to modern times through Jung’s ideas on the nature of the psyche.

In doing so she discovers that astrology is entirely compatible with the claims of the new cosmological thinking as envisioned by post-modern physics and chaos theory. She goes on to propose that the mathematical basis of astrology and the components of astrological charts are both psychological and cosmic in their scope. And she argues that the twelve astrological archetypes make up one single cosmic mind whose patterns are imprinted on all our individual minds. Finally she uses William Blake’s chart to demonstrate the power of this new approach.

“Building on the work of Richard Tarnas and Keiron Le Grice on archetypal astrology, this fascinating book reaffirms the centrality of the microcosm-macrocosm/ individual-universal correspondences and weaves it in with the work of Jung, especially on synchronicity, to present a vision of oneness that can respond to the loss of meaning in our culture.”


David Lorimer (Author of Whole in One)

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HERCULES’ LABOURS: The Evolutionary Path Round The Horoscope

The myths of Hercules’ labours are used as keys in this book to unlock the deeper significance of the twelve houses of the horoscope. These are interpreted archetypally and seen as reflecting the same twelve principles as the signs. Its light and playful style makes Hercules’ Labours very accessible – also to readers unversed in astrology. In order to hear the ancient myths speak to you personally, and uncover your personal agenda of labours, you need to know only three factors from your birth chart. The monsters Hercules encountered, and we must wrestle with, are in the mind. They are projections of the fears and negativity that have prevented us so far from taking our seat on Mount Olympus and realising our true nature as a god among gods.

Treetongue Publishing, 2007
ISBN 0-954-6099-6-4

‘Simply written, though never simplistic, this insightful archetypal tour of the astrological houses provides rich food for thought for novice and experienced astrologer alike. Highly recommended as an addition to any astrologer's library.’ 

Jane Ridder-Patrick, Principal, Scottish School of Astrology.

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Virtual Lives: The Animated Zodiac

This project consists of a book and a series of twelve plays for radio.

The book, written in docu-drama form, is a new type of astrology book that offers experiences instead of concepts, and teaches by using fiction.

The astrological archetypes are brought to life in a fun-to-read way, with the signs of the zodiac embodied as twelve characters who each narrate their life stories.

We begin in the interlife (the life between lives) where they are receiving last-minute instructions from their life coach, who becomes their inner guide when they are incarnated.

It is striking how different they all are. The types of birth, childhood, adult life, old age and death they each experience are typical of their signs. Together they demonstrate twelve different approaches to life, and twelve very different ways of being.

So this is a book that can help you understand yourself and others better and thus improve your relationships. Also, by demonstrating the archetypal basis of astrology in an under-the-skin way, it gives tangible proof of the invisible cosmic matrix lying behind the different personality types, and determining the patterning of human life.

'I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your beautifully crafted book 'Virtual Lives'. The dialogue was so rich, pacey and honest that the characters came alive. Your book enabled me to step into the shoes of other signs and feel what it is to be them. They were so 'real' I was sorry that there was only a chapter on each person - I would have liked a whole book! I know I will read it time and time again.' 

Ann Russell

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Lebensrad: Wheel of Life An astrology board game for one to ten players

Lebensrad is both a game of self-discovery and an astrology teaching game. Through playing you learn more about astrology, more about yourself and more about others. Every player is a winner because it’s not about competition but about self-understanding and communication. Players have an opportunity to share whatever the throw of the dice brings up, so interesting discussions could develop, or they can also say ‘No comment!’...

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