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Virtual Lives:

The Animated Zodiac
By Phoebe Wyss

This project consists of a book and a series of twelve plays for radio.

The book, written in docu-drama form, is a new type of astrology book that offers experiences instead of concepts, and teaches by using fiction.

The astrological archetypes are brought to life in a fun-to-read way, with the signs of the zodiac embodied as twelve characters who each narrate their life stories.

We begin in the interlife (the life between lives) where they are receiving last-minute instructions from their life coach, who becomes their inner guide when they are incarnated.

It is striking how different they all are. The types of birth, childhood, adult life, old age and death they each experience are typical of their signs. Together they demonstrate twelve different approaches to life, and twelve very different ways of being.

So this is a book that can help you understand yourself and others better and thus improve your relationships. Also, by demonstrating the archetypal basis of astrology in an under-the-skin way, it gives tangible proof of the invisible cosmic matrix lying behind the different personality types, and determining the patterning of human life.


'I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your beautifully crafted book 'Virtual Lives'. The dialogue was so rich, pacey and honest that the characters came alive. Your book enabled me to step into the shoes of other signs and feel what it is to be them. They were so 'real' I was sorry that there was only a chapter on each person - I would have liked a whole book! I know I will read it time and time again.' 

Ann Russell 


'I am unable to put your book down! I can take in more reading the life stories and can re-read and ponder the bits that touch something. It's a great read. I'm learning not only about myself, about myself in relationship, as well as about friends and family. It's made me see how I've got stuck with some people who are important to me. It's giving me a fresh view point and new options. Exciting!'  

Divyam Butler


'I've just finished your book and want to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I couldn't put it down and found it very moving in places. All your years of readings and past -life sessions and your own personal work really shows I feel in a real breadth of vision and wisdom; well done!'  

Janine Mackerron


'Yesterday I read Virtual Lives. The book is great, I could not stop reading. I just wanted to tell how much I appreciate your work and that I cannot wait to read your other book. My boyfriend - who is not very much into astrology - read your book as well and he was delighted. He often talks about the characters in the book and he started to analyze our friends and relatives according to what he had learnt from it.'

Mariann Koszegi


'Before I read your book I wasn't sure whether I believed in astrology or not. But after reading the two stories corresponding to my sun sign and rising sign, I found everything in them so spot on, and the problems and issues the characters work through correspond so closely with those in my life, that I am now convinced about astrology'. 



'I'm enjoying reading Virtual Lives. It is a good idea and well executed. There has to be more inventive ways, such as this, to communicate understanding of the meaning of the signs and planets. I'm glad your Virgo character has problems letting the future take care of itself, trying to plan for every eventuality. This is a strong Virgo trait, one not generally emphasised in standard texts.' 

Paul Wright (astrologer)


'There are things about myself in the book that ring true and I hadn't realised before. It's amazing that through a story you can learn about yourself. But perhaps that's the best way to learn, because you sit someone down and try to explain and they wouldn't get it, but you put it in a story and it's easier then to understand.'

Michael Hoy 


'The narratives and dramatisations are rich and full of exciting interpretations of how the sign archetypes may manifest. Overall this is an exciting experiment in a new genre through which to explain and give deep insights into astrology. It pioneers what I hope will be many examples that will enrich astrological understanding over the years ahead.' 

Roy Gillett, President of the British Astrological Association




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