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 About Phoebe

Phoebe was born in Redhill, Surrey, during the war, and, after leaving school, went to Reading University to study for a BA in English and Philosophy, which was followed by an MA in English. After completing her thesis on William Blake, she went to Germany and took a post teaching English at the University of Hanover. Astrology, however, had always been her passion, and in 1985 she abandoned English teaching to become a professional astrologer. She remained in Germany counselling, teaching astrology classes, holding workshops, and giving talks there before returning to the UK and settling in Brighton in 1997.

In 2007 she published her first book in English, ‘Hercules’ Labours: the Evolutionary Path round the Zodiac’ (Treetongue). In it Phoebe demonstrates an archetypal approach to the 12 houses of the chart, using the myths of Hercules’ labours to present them as twelve stages of growth experience within the Saturn cycle.

This was followed in 2008 by another book exploring the astrological archetypes – Virtual Lives: the Animated Zodiac’ (Treetongue). Here she offers the reader an experience of the archetypes that manifest as events in our lives and as personality traits. She brings them to life as twelve characters, born in the same year under different zodiac signs, who relive their very different life stories and illuminated by conversations with their inner guides (their higher selves).

Her latest book 'Inside the Cosmic Mind: Archetypal Astrology and the new Cosmology' (Floris Books, August 2014) explains how astrology works, by combining ancient perennial wisdom with the new science to delineate a  foundation for an archetypal approach not only to astrology but to life itself.  

After becoming fascinated by synchronicity and the oracle principle through experiencing astrology  Phoebe published two oracular board games – Lebensrad in 1986 and Die Wendeltreppe in 1993 while she lived in Germany. Since returning she has been experimenting with creating an astrological oracle in book form, which she has now finally completed and is looking for a co-publisher to bring it out.

All Phoebe’s books and games have been created with the aim of spreading an appreciation of astrology to a wider section of the population, as she considers it the most valuable tool there is for personal and spiritual development.

Cosmic Mind
Hercules Labours
Virtual Lives




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