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The first review - by Agnes Liebhardt

Inside the Cosmic Mind: Archetypal Astrology and the New Cosmology

by Phoebe Wyss

A review by Agnes Liebhardt

Ever since humans began observing the skies and interpreting planetary movements, the relevance of astrology as an essential component of our cosmology has been debated by laymen and professionals alike. Phoebe Wyss’ book, Inside the Cosmic Mind, brings a refreshing new viewpoint to this debate. Weaving together the strands of history, mythology, quantum physics and Jungian psychology, Wyss proposes that astrology should rightly be considered a significant contributor to the currently emerging scientific paradigm of the 21st century.

Reading this book feels like time travel, though not always in chronological sequence. We get to revisit and explore cultural components of ancientEgyptandGreece, Newtonian physics, 20th century scientific advances, art, architecture, psychology and various religious and philosophical worldviews throughout the centuries. Having arrived at the door of the present, we come upon the exciting convergence of archetypes and psychology, between

which, Wyss argues, astrology comprises the perfect bridge.

It is not just astrologers but also those with an interest in Jungian psychology or quantum physics (or both) who will find this book a fascinating read as it meanders effortlessly between these two seemingly unrelated subjects. The Jungian concept of synchronicity, or, “as above so below” is the cornerstone for the exploration of the potential connection between them. Wyss shows over and over again that not only are the boundaries between science and spirituality slowly melting but these two schools of thought are actually beginning to coalesce.

Historically, our understanding of astrology has been based on the premise that the movements of the planets have a direct influence on our lives. Wyss suggests a more expansive purpose for astrology which transcends cause and effect. It is here that it intersects with the Jungian collective unconscious - a realm within which the principle of synchronicity has deep and profound implications for our understanding of human destiny.

As part of this new, archetypal astrology, the embodiment of the premise that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm necessitates the activation of our co-creative potential with the universe, allowing our participation within it to be more inclusive and empowering. Archetypes, as language-ed by astrology, are not just a context for the multi-faceted-ness of our humanity but also powerful tools that help us bridge from the personal to the divine.

The last chapter of the book is dedicated to an in depth look at the life and work of British poet and philosopher William Blake as seen through the natal horoscope. Wyss provides a fascinating analysis of the conflicting aspects of Blake’s psyche which, when explored in the context of planetary configurations and Jungian archetypes, are revealed to be the necessary grist to the mill of his great genius.

Inside the Cosmic Mind is something of a literary Rubik’s cube and a wonderful and inspiring guidebook for those interested in exploring a multitude of paradigms in search of a more universal, expansive 21st century cosmology.

Agnes Liebhardt (astrologer) Forest Knolls, California


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