Inside the Cosmic Mind: What is Revolutionary about this Book

What is revolutionary about this book? Coming from a top-down cosmology, it presents astrology as an ancient descriptive catalogue of the ordering principles of the ‘anima mundi’ or cosmic psyche. Its alternative cosmology is more complete than that of astrophysics because it includes the non-material dimension of the inner world. The universe is seen by the writer as a living unity, a giant organism alive and conscious down to the smallest particle. All things in existence are encompassed by this one whole. Thus everything in the cosmos is inter-connected, and there is no separation between objects or minds. The cosmic mind includes what we experience as the personal mind meaning we share i

Inside the Cosmic Mind: Review "A well-argued contribution towards a new understanding of astrology"

Review by David Lorimer in the Network Review No. 116  Winter 2015 ".... an archaic vision of oneness is indeed emerging in our time in which a newly formulated astrology has a significant role to play as part of a top-down understanding of life.  Overall, this is a well-argued contribution towards a new understanding of astrology." Some readers will already be familiar with the work of Richard Tarnas on archetypal astrology (Cosmos and Psyche) and the follow-up by Keiron le Grice, which helps put astrology on a new and more plausible philosophical basis. A number of key concepts inform the book, especially synchronicity and the Hermetic correspondence between above and below or heaven and e


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