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Published Summary & Testimonials: Inside the Cosmic Mind

The following is the summary from the back cover of Inside the Cosmic Mind which my publisher wrote. For me, it is a good introduction to what the book is all about.

Inside the Cosmic Mind: Archetypal Astrology and the new Cosmologypresents a radical new approach to astrology in the light of the emerging worldview known as archetypal cosmology. In this book Phoebe explores the roots of this cosmology in the wisdom of the ancient Egyptian mysteries, then follows these ideas to modern times through Jung’s ideas on the nature of the psyche.

In doing so she discovers that astrology is entirely compatible with the claims of the new cosmological thinking as envisioned by post-modern physics and chaos theory. She goes on to propose that the mathematical basis of astrology and the components of astrological charts are both psychological and cosmic in their scope. And she argues that the twelve astrological archetypes make up one single cosmic mind whose patterns are imprinted on all our individual minds. Finally she uses William Blake’s chart to demonstrate the power of this new approach.

Testimonials from three authors who have published works on similar subjects have written to support Inside the Cosmic Mind:


“Building on the work of Richard Tarnas and Keiron Le Grice on archetypal astrology, this fascinating book reaffirms the centrality of the microcosm-macrocosm/ individual-universal correspondences and weaves it in with the work of Jung, especially on synchronicity, to present a vision of oneness that can respond to the loss of meaning in our culture.”

- David Lorimer (Author of Whole in One)

“This ambitious and highly erudite book seeks to present us with a worldview which could lead towards a renewed spirituality in which astrology plays a central role. The author’s attempt to bring astrology back into the mainstream of modern thought is an interesting and provocative one, drawing on a remarkably wide spectrum of traditions, and propelling the argument with eloquence.”

- J.J. Clarke (Author of The Self-Creating Universe)

“Scholarship in the field of archetypal cosmology situates astrology in a rich tradition of ancient myth and philosophical speculation, and demonstrates its congruence with certain new-paradigm perspectives in modern science. Here Phoebe Wyss skilfully explores some major elements of this emerging vision, leading the reader from first principles to the practical application of astrology to individual biography. In a style both engaging and accessible, Inside the Cosmic Mind is a valuable and much-needed guide to the theory and practice of an archetypal approach to astrology.” 

- Keiron Le Grice (author of The Archetypal Cosmos)


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