2020: The year our Reality Changed Utterly - AN ASTROLOGICAL DIARY - Blog 4

Blog 4 -  March 31st 

Timetable of Planetary Movements:  28th March, Venus-Moon conjunction in Taurus trining Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn. 30th March, Mars enters Aquarius. 31st March, Mars conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius. and Mercury in Pisces emerges from its retrograde shadow phase. 3rd April, Venus enters Gemini and trines Mars-Saturn in Aquarius, and 4th April, Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Finally on 5th April a big event – the first exactitude of the 2020 Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions!

Correlating Events on Earth:  28th March: The great tsunami wave of the pandemic towers, and leaders give up on trying to delay it breaking. As Venus conjuncts the Moon in Taurus, billions of pounds (Venus trine Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn) are pledged to save the UK health services from being overwhelmed. Also with extreme, unheard-of spending measures billions are thrown at trade and industry to prevent a wider melt-down (Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn) while vast sums are pledged to businesses in an effort to safeguard jobs. But with Mercury in Pisces not yet out of its retrograde shadow, and moving into a conjunction with Neptune, is it all pie in the sky?

29th-31st March: As Mars approaches the end of Capricorn and enters Aquarius a more humanitarian emphasis appears in politics. Financial support is promised for workers who lose their jobs, and a law is passed to prevent landlords evicting tenants unable to pay their rent. There’s a wave of public support for the front-line doctors and medical staff who must work without protective clothing due to the government‘s delay in placing orders. A tougher and more concerted effort begins to get a grip on the situation – to provide what’s needed and, most important to buy more kits to step up testing for the virus. But now, there’s a  world-wide demand for the necessary materials and ingredients, and supplies are drying up so orders are put on hold  (Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius). In general Saturn, when conjunct Mars, puts Mars in lock-down which then results in great  Martian anger and frustration. 

But the fresh wind of Aquarian energy can be felt now as thousands volunteer to help the NHS, and retired doctors and medical staff voluntarily return to work. Dedicated, unflinching service to society is a hallmark of Saturn in Aquarius and its most noble virtue. Also care for the old and vulnerable (Saturn) is being efficiently organised by hordes of volunteers (Aquarius).  The great positive of these times lies in the expansion of community solidarity.

People are giving friendly smiles or thumbs-up to strangers in the street instead of ignoring them. And the budding of a new community spirit is perceptible – the cheerful feeling that we’re all in this together, so let’s hold together, not seen since the war. Pioneering Mars in Aquarius is unleashing inventiveness in those who are starting online social initiatives (Aquarius), and experimenting with using Zoom etc. to get people connecting and having fun online while self-isolating - a trend favoured by Venus entering the fun sign of Gemini to trine Mars and Saturn on 3rd April.

I see the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on 5th April as the peak of the first ‘shock and awe’ blitz phase of the pandemic, after which there’s likely to be a plateau and a slowing down of new cases – at least in northern Europe. Other countries may reach their peaks later this year at the times of the second and third exactitudes of Jupiter and Pluto. Meanwhile Nature, suddenly relieved of the noise, disruption and pollution our species usually creates, breathes a happy sigh of relief and moves peacefully on  into the growing, blossoming and breeding season of Spring. Gaia smiles knowingly – when stretched to the limit she has her own ways of decimating populations to maintain a healthy balance on the planet.

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