2020: The year our Reality Changed Utterly - AN ASTROLOGICAL DIARY - Blog 3

Blog 3 - March 25th

The triple conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, in the shadow of January’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction in that sign, is scripting the course of the pandemic and pointing us to its deeper meanings.

As Mars (warfare and fevers) draws closer to Jupiter and Pluto he’s fanning the flames, accelerating the infection rate along with the steep surge in deaths in the West (surge=Mars-Jupiter, deaths= Pluto). Fear in the population intensifies. People in panic strip the supermarket shelves, aggressively acting out of self-interest (Mars) to stockpile huge reserves (Mars-Jupiter). The magnitude of the risk seems at last to be recognised by the leaders, shaking off the spell of nebulous Mercury in Pisces (Blog 18th March) after, in the UK and America at least, dilly dallying and sending out mixed messages. But now while Mercury sextiles Uranus (20th-24th March) minds are suddenly changed and a Capricorn Mars now supports the push to take decisive action.

The directives in the UK over the weekend 20th-22nd were clear – those who showed symptoms were to self-isolate, all others were to practise social distancing. But Spring had arrived punctually, the equinox bringing the first days of settled weather and continuous sunshine for months on end (Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune) drawing many people out of their homes into the parks and cafes, and breaking the rules. Saturn entered Aquarius at the same time, heralding a clash between authoritarian forces in the state upholding law and order and rebellious minorities asserting the Aquarian values of individual freedom and the right to self-determination. A change of sign especially for such a powerful planet as Saturn, who, since his conjunction with Pluto in January, has been central to current events, will bring a cosmic shift in emphasis.

Following this the UK government muscled in to enforce a stringentclamp-down generally curbing freedom of movement. Social isolation (is ordered for all save essential workers and the police are given powers to ensure the edicts are obeyed (Saturn).

On 24th March there was a new moon in Aries in which both Sun and Moon conjuncted Chiron and squared the Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn, setting the stage for the month ahead. Chiron in Aries is symbolised by the wounded war hero, outwardly bluffing toughness but inside weakened by the knowledge of his fragility, and dreading helplessness. The north node in Cancer in square to the new moon brings us into our feelings and is reflected in the pain that the separation of families is causing, and the suffering of cut-off elderly people. The square to the south node in Capricorn is reflected in the fear of the hundreds of deaths ahead in the grandparent generation – alone in the unavoidably inhumane conditions of makeshift hospitals, without family support; also the pain of the bereaved prevented from being with their loved-ones, and saying goodbye before their burial. If hearts in our society, however, are touched now, that can teach the more callous amongst the younger generations, focussed on their work and internet connecting, and with the mind-set that is time is money, the importance of inclusive family relationships. Our way of life in general has leaned too much towards the Capricorn extreme and we have become a cold society. Many grandparents, when no longer useful as child-minders, have been abandoned in care homes. But hearts that have generally hardened may soften up now.

March 2020 is revealing itself a massive watershed month for the world. Under the threat of the potential breakdown of our security strutures, we have had to accept what we are powerless to prevent, and come to terms with our general vulnerability and need for a community of mutual support. We must must deal with our inner nightmares as we watch the sheer numbers of beds for intensive care patients grow, and the coffins piling up in mortuaries, while thousands are losing their jobs and others seeing businesses they’ve built up over years by great personal effort, collapse (Mars-Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn in the shadow of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction). However, Jupiter is also the planet of higher understanding and as he moves, harried by Mars, towards his first exact conjunction with Pluto on 5th April, we’ll descend through dark Capricorn depths before we can rise to Jupiterian heights.At the foot of the lighthouse the darkness is darkest“ as the old Chinese proverb runs.

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