2020: The Year our Reality Changed Utterly - AN ASTROLOGICAL DIARY - Blog 6

Blog 6 - 19th April “A great gift of astrology, perhaps its greatest gift, is this: it shows us we are part of something vast and meaningful; that life is not mere random accidents in space and time.” This is from my friend, Scottish astrologer Anne Whitaker, who’s claiming that the cosmos is meaningful in itself, beyond any projections from the human mind. It’s just what I hope this series of blogs will demonstrate. At any moment in time, astrology allows us to step back and watch the ongoing themes arising in the public world and in our personal lives, whose development we can follow and understand in the context of astrology’s bigger cosmic picture. For example events related to the co

2020: The year our Reality Changed Utterly - AN ASTROLOGICAL DIARY - Blog 5

Blog 5 - April 8th Timetable of Planetary Movements: 5th April, first exactitude of the three 2020 Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions. 7th April, Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus. 8th April, full Moon in Libra opposes Sun and quincunxes Neptune. 11th April Mercury enters Aries. Correlations with Events in the News : 5th April: The exactitude to the minute of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction symbolises a peak in the surge of the Covid virus infection (see Blog 1 ) It correlated with first reports of the number of new infections declining in European countries. The UK’s leader Boris Johnson, now sick himself with the virus, is removed to an intensive care unit, while the Queen is addressing the

2020: The year our Reality Changed Utterly - AN ASTROLOGICAL DIARY - Blog 4

Blog 4 -  March 31st Timetable of Planetary Movements:  28th March, Venus-Moon conjunction in Taurus trining Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn. 30th March, Mars enters Aquarius. 31st March, Mars conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius. and Mercury in Pisces emerges from its retrograde shadow phase. 3rd April, Venus enters Gemini and trines Mars-Saturn in Aquarius, and 4th April, Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Finally on 5th April a big event – the first exactitude of the 2020 Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions! Correlating Events on Earth:  28th March: The great tsunami wave of the pandemic towers, and leaders give up on trying to delay it breaking. As Venus conjuncts the Moon in Taurus, billions of pounds (Ven


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