2020: The year our Reality Changed Utterly - AN ASTROLOGICAL DIARY - Blog 3

Blog 3 - March 25th The triple conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, in the shadow of January’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction in that sign, is scripting the course of the pandemic and pointing us to its deeper meanings. As Mars (warfare and fevers) draws closer to Jupiter and Pluto he’s fanning the flames, accelerating the infection rate along with the steep surge in deaths in the West (surge=Mars-Jupiter, deaths= Pluto). Fear in the population intensifies. People in panic strip the supermarket shelves, aggressively acting out of self-interest (Mars) to stockpile huge reserves (Mars-Jupiter). The magnitude of the risk seems at last to be recognised by the leaders, shaking off the

2020: The year our Reality Changed Utterly - AN ASTROLOGICAL DIARY - Blogs 1 & 2

Blog 1 - March 12th The full moon in Virgo three days ago occurring opposite Sun conjunct Neptune describes our present collective and personal state of mind very well. Concerns about health and hygiene (Virgo) arise from the threat of the corona virus in the face of which we feel confused and helpless (Pisces and Neptune). As it's also unstoppable - boundless and invisible - it freaks us out! I see this scenario as occurring in the wider context of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of last December-January, which saw the first reports of the virus. It's giving the tone to the whole of 2020 as it dominated the winter solstice chart. In brief Saturn-Pluto symbolises exceptional hardship, material


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